tisdag 1 mars 2016

Striped sweater to doll babyborn

BabyBorn measurements
Height: 43 cm
Chest: 28 cm
Thigh: 17 cm
Calf: 13 cm
Arm: 11 cm
Head: 33 cm

The yarn I have used is Drops Safran. Its gauge is 24sts x 32 rows. I have used 3mm needles

On ravelry.com (knitting/crocheting comunity) you can find the pattern as well and there you can also find a pdf that shows the pattern in scematics. It might be easyer to understand.

Co = cast on
*= co1 k2 co1
k= knit

Cast on 48
1: garter stitch                                                                                                                                                
2: garter stitch
3: garter stitch
4: k3 (garter stitch) k4 (back piece) * k8 (arm) * k10 (front piece) * k8 (arm) * k4 (back piece) k3 (garter stitch and make the first buttonhole se more information lower down)
5: K1 co2 pull all of the rest stitches (except the garter stitches)

6: k3 (garter st) p1 k2 p1 k1 * k10 * (k1, (p1 k2) x 3 p1 k1) = 12 * k10 * k2 p1 k2 k3(garter stitches)
7: pull (except the garter stitches)

8: k3, (p1 k2)x2 * k12 * ( (k2 p1)x4 k2)= 14 * k12 * (p1 k2)x2 k3
9: pull (except the garter stitches)

10: k3, (p1, k2)x2 p1 * k14 * ((p1 k2)x5 p1)=16 * k14 * k1 (p1 k2)x2, k3
11: pull (except the garter stitches)

12: k3, (p1 k2)x2 p1 k1 *k16* (k1 (p1, k2)x5 p1 k1)=18 *k16* (k2 p1)x2 k2, k3 (buttonhole)
13 k1 co2 pull (except the garter stitches)

14: k3 (p1 k2)x3 * k18 * ((k2 p1)x6 k2)=20 * k18 * (p1 k2)x3, k3
15: pull (except the garter stitches)

16: k3 (p1 k2)x3 p1 * k20* ((p1 k2)x7 p1)=22 * k20* k1 (p1 k2)x3, k3
17: pull (except the garter stitches)

18: k3 (p1 k2)x3 p1 k1 * 22 * (k1 (p1 k2)x7 p1 k1)=24 * k22 * (k2 p1)x3 k2, k3
19: pull (except the garter stitches)

20: k3, (p1 k2)x4 * 24 * ((k2 p1)x8 k2)=26 * k24 * (p1 k2)x4, k3 (button hole)
21: k1 co2 pull (except the garter stitches)

22: k3, (p1 k2)x4 p1 *k26* ((p1 k2)x9 p1)=28 * k26*k1 (p1 k2)x4, k3
23: pull (except the garter stitches)

24: k3, (p1 k2)x4 p1 k1 co1 p1 put 30 stitches on a thread (k2 p1)x10 k2, put 30 stitches on a thread, (p1 k2)x5 k3
25: cast of 3 pull all of the rest stitches
26: put the work on circular needles.  (p1 k2) all the way around. At the end of the row join the work to a round. You should now have 66 stitches. Put a marker at the start of the round
26: knit all stitches
27: p1 k2
Repeat row 26-27 until you have 7 cm from armholes.
28: pull
29: knit
30: pull
31: knit and cast of

Buttonhole: When you have one stitch left you pull the third stitch from the end over the second from the end, then you knit the last stitch and make the same. It will then look like the picture.

Now we will make the sleeves. Pick up the stitches that are on the thread, and pick up 3 extra stitches.
1-4: knit
5: pull
6: knit
7: pull
8: knit and cast of.  

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