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Pants/leggings to doll babyborn

This patterns is made to fit the doll babyborn.

BabyBorn measurements

Chest: 28 cm
Thigh: 17 cm
Calf: 13 cm
Arm: 11 cm
Head: 33 cm

You start with making two seperate legs that will be knitted together.

Start with casting on 35 stitches
R 1-4: garter stitch
R 5: purl
R 6: knit
R 7: purl
R 8: knit
R 9: purl
R 10: knit 2 increase with one stitch, knit 31, increase with one stitch, knit 2 (37)

Repeat row 5 – 10 two more times. You will then have 41 stitches.

R 11: purl
R 12: knit
R 13: purl
R 14: knit 2 increace with one stitch, knit 37 increace with one stitch, knit 2 (43)

Repeat row 11-14 two more times. You will then have 47 stitches.

R 15: purl
R 16: knit
R 17: purl

Put the first leg aside and make the other one.

Place the two legs onto circular needles and knit into a round.

R 18: knit 46 stitches than knit the last stitch together with the first stitch of the next leg together. Knit 45 stitches then knit the second leg and the first leg together in the same way. Place two markers one in the front and one in the back.
R 19: knit
R 20: knit
R 21: Now we will begin to decrease the amount of stitches and that is made by sliding of one stitch before the marker, knit the next two stitches together and then slip the first stitch over the ones that are knitted together. Thus reducing by two stitches.

Repeat R19-R21 in total ten times. You will have 52 stitches.

R 22 now we make rib stitch by knit one purl one all the way around.
Repeat row 22 in total 8 times. Than cast of, make sure you don’t cast of to thight.

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