fredag 12 februari 2016

tatted earrings 1

Supplies to make these easy earrings is: one shuttle, read thread, 2 6mm beads, 2 drop beads, 2 earrings, a paper clip, a beading needle and a thin thread.
start by threading on the drop bead onto your shuttle thread
 make one ring: 3 p 8 p 8 p 3. then thread on your 6 mm bead as shown in picture
put on the paper clip and tighten the thread (sorry the picture got a bit blurred)
make the second ring: 3 join in the first rings picot 10 p 3 
make the third ring: 3 join in the second rings picot 8 p 3

in the fourth ring you have to put the drop bead onto your tatting thread
make fourth ring: 3 join in the third rings picot 8 put on the drop bead 8 p 3

now you will remove the paper clip and join the thread like it was a picot
make fifth ring: 3 join in fourth rings picot 8 p 3
make sixth ring: 3 join in fifth rings picot 10 join in first rings picot 3
fasten the threads. I use a drop of super glue on the knot.

to starch the work I use cornstarch and mix 1/4 dl cornstarch with 1 1/2 dl water which I head on the stove until it gets thick and semi translucent.

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